Symbolic wedding

The only limitations is your own imagination

My mission:

To guide you through the vast possibilities of wedding ceremony options to create memories as unique as your love.

Such ceremonies are characterised by a personalised script tailored to the couple. During the ceremony, the spouses read out personal, self-written vows. A humanist wedding can be taken by virtually anyone. In the first instance, those who are not in favour of a church or civil wedding, and find them too official.

Symbolic ceremonies

Of course, you will be the main actors and directors of this unique day, and I will follow your guidance .

I write the speech based on your history. Additionally, ceremonies can be enriched with one or more symbolic rituals, each with a different meaning. I am always open to any kind of individualisation or traditions specific to your country.

All ceremonies are a pure celebration of the couples’ love for each other, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, background or culture.

I support the LGBT community, for whom a humanist wedding is the only possibility.

My offer:

  • Any location – how about a beach, a charming forest, an urban space or even your own garden?

  • Any time – celebrate at a time that suits you. I only conduct one ceremony per day, so you can choose any time

  • An original and personalised ceremony by completing a questionnaire together. This way you can choose what your wedding ceremony will look like

  • Unlimited communication via telephone or video calls

  • Writing individual vows so that the content is a surprise at the ceremony

  • I offer the best HK Audio sound equipment and wireless microphones

  • Musical accompaniment for the ceremony

  • The possibility of performing symbolic rituals such as unity sand ceremony, mixing wine or liquids, lighting a unity candle or other rites of passage

  • Creating a history of your first meeting

  • Arrival 60 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony

  • Live act music during the ceremony (saxophonist, electric violin)

  • A certificate of marriage

Additional options

  • Bilingual wedding in Polish-English or Polish-German combinations

  • Possibility to combine a civil wedding with a humanist wedding

  • Musical setting of the ceremony by a saxophonist or electric violinist

  • Possibility to choose a suit for the celebrant

  • Step 1

    Book a reservation

    The first step is to check if I am available for your wedding date: you can use the booking form on the Contact Us tab

  • Step 2

    Let’s get in touch

    The second step is, of course, to establish whether I am the person you are looking for. We will arrange a no-obligation video call or meeting. Once you have decided that it should be me, we can move on. Bookings are confirmed once we have received a deposit and signed an agreement.

    Step 2

  • Step 3


    My mission is to provide only the best experience to make the entire ceremony enjoyable. I will handle your wedding speech, which is meant to be a true reflection of the two of you. You will have access to a questionnaire where you can adjust rituals, readings, vows and a few other details. We can have a rehearsal in person one week prior to your ceremony (taking into account my other obligations).

  • Step 4


    It’s your big day! I will be there at least 60 minutes before the ceremony starts to make sure everything is ready. At the end you will be asked to sign the humanist wedding certificate.

    Step 4

The talented celebrant starts the ceremony by captivating guests with a wonderful story that has just the right balance of love, laugh and tears of joy. So when the formalities are over, you’re all pumped up with love and ready to party!

I love meeting new people and hearing their personal stories. I work with them to bring ceremonies to life!

Frequently asked questions

That is, everything you would want to know before the ceremony.

A wedding conducted by a wedding celebrant overcomes the strict traditional limitations that exist in religious and civil ceremonies.

They give you the opportunity to add personality and emotions into your special day, creating something that is truly unique and captures the essence and love of your relationship.

A humanist wedding is a great option for international couples who want the ceremony to be conducted in several languages. It is also an ideal option for people who want to personalise their wedding or are non-believers and find the civil wedding insufficient.

Based on the couple’s expectations, we will present an offer tailored for them. We discuss the detailed scenario of the ceremony with you and complete the questionnaire together. My offer also includes the possibility of providing a musical setting.

We also create an individual vow for you.

The beauty of a symbolic ceremony is its flexibility. So yes, you can add elements of your choice into your symbolic ceremony. Music, dance, favourite books, games, quizzes, rituals, etc. It is important that your ceremony reflects who you are. Your symbolic ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express your personality, tell your story, show your loved ones how much you love each other, so have fun and express yourself! If you want to go further, some celebrants offer a ‘Show Ceremony’ service where they dress up (as a priest, celebrity etc) and add some humour to your ceremony. I believe that because it is purely symbolic, this kind of ceremony should not make a mockery of traditional ceremonies, as this may offend some guests.

Of course! Love is love.

Humanist weddings can take place anywhere, at any time of day. I will travel to any place on earth.

There is no rule about the length of the ceremony, and its length will depend on what you want to include. If you want several relatives to take part, your ceremony will obviously last longer than if only the celebrant is speaking. Similarly, if you want to include one or more rituals (unity sand ceremony, exchange of rings, etc.) it will take more time. On average, a symbolic ceremony lasts between 35 and 45 minutes. We organise many bilingual ceremonies, mainly in Polish and English, in such cases the ceremony lasts about an hour. A ceremony of more than an hour bores the audience. A too short ceremony on the other hand risks losing its credibility, especially among guests who have never been to such a ceremony before and do not know what to expect.

Some celebrants believe that creating a script is a team effort between a celebrant and a couple. While we fully agree with this principle, I have built my reputation not only on personalising my scripts, but also on creating secret texts. If you let me, we will only share part of the script with you, as we believe knowing all the text in advance can affect the authenticity of your emotions on your wedding day. We have been trusted by 99% of couples and none have regretted it, but if you feel like it, we will let you read the whole script.


Due to the high number of reservations, we accept bookings well in advance.

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