Frequently asked questions

That is, everything you would want to know before the wedding.

I am ready to satisfy any request. It is possible to personalise the repertoire in the form of your musical TOP 10 list.

Many factors influence the length of the musical arrangement. I always adjust it to the meal schedule first. I avoid taking breaks when the dance floor is full. However, a break and recovery is an important element that helps to maintain the right dynamic at your party.

Wit and humour put everyone in a positive frame of mind. We create a unique atmosphere and mood. We entertain guests so that they remember the moments spent on the dance floor for a long time. We like to listen during the meetings, but we also give advice when needed. We want to continuously improve, so that we can create for you a scenario of the wedding party, straight from your imagination and dreams. We like challenges. We like what’s yours, because what is yours is different and that inspires us to new heights. Chic, propriety and gracefulness (but not snobbery).

I know from my own experience that the earlier the better, so I suggest making an appointment as early as possible. The earlier you contact us, the greater the chance that we will have a free date on our calendar, which does not mean that there are no “last minute” dates. Availability of a date is best established at the meeting or by telephone.

Weddings are the most important celebrations and need to be organised perfectly, which takes time. We do not pre-book, the exception is when we book a date for an agreed meeting. After the meeting, I will give you a few days to consider it if there is such a need. The final date is booked the moment the contract is signed and the down payment of PLN 1500 is paid. We want to take perfect care of your ceremony, so I already invite you to a no-obligation meeting in my office with a good coffee or tea.

An important part of the preparation is discussing the course and type of games. It is important that the games meet your expectations and, most importantly, are carried out at the right level. They should bring a smile to your face and guarantee that no guest will feel uncomfortable. We provide the highest level of fun so that the party will trigger only positive and unforgettable memories.

We never drink alcohol while working.

I usually adapt my equipment to suit the style of the wedding party. I work with the best equipment, which has a great effect on the quality of the party and I guarantee no breakdowns. The sound system will allow you to hear the full potential of good sounding vocals. Professional lighting will also boost your senses and create a unique atmosphere. In combination with the right music and a range of prepared attractions, the right equipment is one of the essential elements for an unforgettable and unique party.

Of course, the best masters of ceremonies are radio hosts!

We are from Bielsko-Biała and Katowice, but we operate throughout the country and abroad. For parties organised more than 100 km away from our location, travel terms are agreed individually.

Questions for the Photographer

In addition, it is worth reading the frequently asked questions to Kinga

It depends on how soon you decide to have an outdoor wedding session. The lead time for weddings is approximately 2 months. Of course it can be done earlier. The photo submission deadline is influenced by your availability, the weather and the location.

Your wedding day is very important to you and should be shared with your loved ones. Having fun and talking to each guest is time consuming. Going outdoors to take photos on the wedding day involves leaving the hall for 2 hours. Yes, if we have a charming place right next to the hall, we can go for a quick session so as not to waste time that you can spend having fun.

It can be an hour or even the whole day. If you decide to choose some further destinations I book the whole day. This is time dedicated to you, so it is advisable not to plan anything on the day. If we have limited time, we will choose a location that is close by to be able to take the photos in no time. The average duration of a session is 5 hours.

Yes, I have such a licence. I have it with me at all times.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We present the finished material after graphic processing. Of course, if you would like to review the photos, adjust or replace something I am available.

Personally, I like to shoot in what I might call a reportage/documentary style, so as to capture real events and authentic emotions. I don’t set up scenes or ask to repeat them, because I believe that the wedding day is the bride and groom’s day, which the photographer’s job is to document properly. Of course, a wedding reportage is a subjective story recounted through the photos taken. It is a story about emotions, gestures, joy and, above all, about people. I try to make my wedding photography feel natural and avoid the artificial created scenarios.

Questions for the cameraman

In addition, it is worth reading the most frequently asked questions to the cameraman.

This depends on the date of your wedding. Sometimes the couples at the beginning of the season receive their films after just two weeks, but this is not possible for later dates. According to the contract, we hand over the films up to 5 months after the wedding or outdoor session.

I always start recording the preparations with the groom and then go to the bride. By ‘preparations’ I mean dressing the suit and wedding dress and putting on the accessories. If the bride is having her make-up/ hairdresser at the preparation place immediately before putting on her dress, these moments can also be captured.

I have done all of my current projects by myself. Even the shots where it seems that someone else is helping me. I manage to do this thanks to many years of experience, creativity and a second camera on a tripod.

Unfortunately, I sacrifice these moments of the day so that I can stay ahead of you to not miss your iconic drive up to the hall or ceremony venue. Additionally, this also allows me to set up my equipment and take some atmospheric shots at these locations. Filming the gates pose a big risk of me being blocked by traffic or finding myself without parking. This is common practice for all film crews.

I mainly use a special recorder to capture the sound. During the vows, I additionally hide a mini recorder with a microphone in the groom’s jacket as an extra precaution measure. My video recording equipment has good quality built in microphones. For the combined Video and DJ package, the audio is also recorded directly from Mark’s console in WAV format.

Yes, precisely C4K in 10 Bit.

Of course! The camera I use has an option to save data on two cards simultaneously, which virtually eliminates the loss of footage on the day of recording. When I get home, I always make a backup on 3 discs, one of which I store in a different location from the others.

Lumix S1 and G80 cameras. The interesting thing about the S1 is that it has a Netflix-approved recording sensor. However, the camera is only a small part of the equipment that influences the final result of your film. Additionally, for me, the most important thing is that the equipment I use works at its highest possible quality, while not being limited by other components.


Due to the high number of reservations, we accept bookings well in advance.

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